The ethos of the school is rightly captured in it’s motto – In Omnia Paratus, prepared for all challenges. This is achieved through a unique and well-defined curriculum, as well as strong emphasis on “learning beyond the classroom”.


The Indus Early Years Programme emphasizes trans-disciplinary education through an inquiry-based approach to learning and medium of instruction is English. The school provides state of the art facilities for academics and sports, and a truly world class ambience.


Indus International Junior School was established with an ennobling vision: Creating leaders of Tomorrow, by imparting holistic education in an environment of excellence. The faculty, teaching pedagogy and facilities kindle a love for learning, a respect for cultural diversity and a strong sense of social responsibility among the students.Indus International Junior School is a part of Indus International School, Hyderabad which is ranked No. 1 in Andhra Pradesh.


IJS Benefits

  • Exclusive Leadership Curriculum
  • Application of neuro-genetic findings in learning
  • Emphasis on talent development especially in the areas of music, kinesthesia, multiple languages, creativity & mathematics
  • Trained faculty
  • Strong Partnership with Parents


IJS Advantages


Leadership Curriculum: Leadership is the central idea of Indus International Junior School. This stems forth from the belief that Preparation for Life is the purpose of 21st century education. At Indus, leadership is defined as the ability to first lead yourself and then others (through service)as at the end of the day, leadership is experiential.

At Indus, we have a leadership curriculum that is taught formally. The leadership curriculum has both a theoretical as well as an experiential component. The curriculum facilitates development of competencies such as goal setting and persuasive communication.


Student Teacher Ratio: Smaller class sizes ensure that each child is given ample attention by our teachers. Differentiated instruction is made easier when teachers are able to teach according to the abilities of each child, an international curriculum benchmark.


Partnership with Parents: ''What the best and wisest parent wants for his own child, that must be what the community wants for all its children'' – John Dewey.

Engaging parents in the education system activates a built-in support system that works to help both students and teachers do a better job. This is possible with an organized programme involving the school and the parents in activities linked to the school goals. A well-structured partnership programme improves the school, strengthens families and increases student achievement and success.


Talent Development: Man is not born with talent, because talent is a process. We provide myriad activities and opportunities for students to discover and develop their talents, especially in the areas of Music, Kinesthesia, Multiple Languages, Creativity and Mathematics. Apart from skill-building, this helps children become active learners, well-rounded and engaging individuals, and contributes to the success of their academic achievements later on.


Neuro Genetic Finding : New scientific insights in cognitive science establish that young children know and learn about the world like adults. Children are not born with minds as blank slates; even babies and young children think, observe, and reason. They are scientists in the crib! Consequently, their learning journey can start much earlier. The IIJS will follow an international curriculum of high repute to exploit the “critical windows” of learning. Through this curriculum, children will develop understanding, gain relevant knowledge, acquire necessary skills and cultivate positive attitudes.


Trained Faculty: Professional development plays an integral role at Indus International Junior School. The faculty undergoes rigorous professional training before taking on the responsibility of a class and ongoing training is also provided to the faculty in their different fields. We have qualified in-house workshop leaders to train teachers on the latest education methodologies. Weekly faculty meetings help them share best practices and give feedback on current strategies.

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