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"Greater energy and greater passion is more extraordinary than greater genius."
Lt. General Arjun Ray,(Retd.),PVSM,VSM



Issue 171, April 2017


Dear Friends,


Self-Reliance and Leadership


The leadership process of unlocking a child’s potential must start at the earliest. Presently, our children are over-protected, and not exposed to risk and failure.


The first and the most foundational and critical stage in a child’s leadership journey is self-reliance, the ability to be independent in thought, courage in expressing one’s point of view, exercising choice and trusting one’s abilities and efforts. Self-reliance is a philosophical concept that inculcates the ideals of individualism, develops a growth mindset and enhances creativity. History testifies that innovation is born out of self-reliance. It is, therefore, critical that parents and teachers encourage their children to take risks and not be over-protective.


Training in self-reliance happens at home and in classrooms. The aim of fostering self-reliance in children should be fourfold:  reducing adult dependency in learning and experimentation through self-directed learning, persuading risk-taking where it matters, encouraging children to experience what life is and not what life should be, and teaching self-sufficiency to make them more independent and confident to deal with difficult situations as they grow, and take hard decisions.


With warm regards,

Lieutenant General Arjun Ray, PVSM, VSM (Retd.)

Chief Executive Officer

Indus Trust

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